To whom it may concern,

Your payment model is unworkable and extremely unfair.

With Airbnb, payment is made the day after guests check-in. The day after check in!

With Booking, payment is made the Thursday AFTER the guests check OUT.

This is a real problem for hosts who are offering rooms (i.e. not hotels).  Cash flow and bill payments is a real problem with your model.

I had a gust book 5 weeks with Airbnb, and payment was issued the next day after her check in. With your model, I would not have been paid for at least 6 weeks after check in. This is unworkable, even for short bookings.

I urge you to reconsider your payment model, as individuals like me are having to cash flow Booking with your current system.

I had guests check out 10 days ago, and I still have not received payments.

Zandile Ntshotsho 9 months ago

I'm with you on this one. It's really unfair for us hosts especially if the guests have trashed your place. You cant even replace the items from their booking fee because you have to wait for weeks before your money is paid to you. Booking.com should reconsider their payment method for hosts.

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Didem - Commun… 9 months ago


Hi Joe Chedid and Zandile Ntshotsho,


Thank you for sharing in the Community! We highly appreciate your feedback.


I forwarded your suggestions to our internal teams and I'm informed that we’re actively working on this and looking into faster and earlier payouts to support our partners like you. 


It's thanks to you voicing your needs, we can build the right features. Thank you once again!