I have not received my payment fro 1-8th September, I have phoned 4 times and messaged 4 times with no response at all?..... I am now concerned someone in the finance department is deliberately ignoring my request and are they doing this with other customers?

Also this week I received an email “ customer cancelled booking” and the customer received an email saying “ host cancelled booking”, this is dishonest as it was BC who cancelled because the credit card had expired, however the guest was in an area with no Wi-fi and couldn’t rectify the problem!


I am very unhappy with BC partner service and have now decided to close my account.....have also escalated my complaint to Resolver who have also had no response......I like other small B&B’s are struggling at this particular time and need support not brick walls. 

BrookAve 3 years ago


1. there is no such thing as a 100% perfect system.


2. Theres nothing dishonest, as its done by machine,  so if its anything its a clerical error, or still queued.


3. patience is still a requirement 


4. have you actually review finance section to confirm your payout is more than what is owed in fees? this catches many out ,as they assume nothing is outstanding.


5. there is no conspriacy, just be patient and log a ticket by sending a message via extranet, yes you will need to wait, there is a pandemic and people having to work from home, so waiting times may be alot longer to process and get to each one. be considerate!



Kind Regards, Be Safe, Be Well