all the guest dont show in my property. And from the the phone numbers i dont hae answers.

I need help for using this page, because is not good the people dont show and i wait all the time. I want make other kind of reservation for the guest maybe where they have to pay a little bit before and also booking get his money more safe.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi  Mariana,


Welcome to partner Only forum, not BdC Support.


The correct solution is to enable prepay under Property > Policies.


Then decide who will collect the payment:

  1. You via Online Payments
  2. BdC via Payments by Booking.com



If you are going to do do your own payments, then have a look at :



A Partner offer for BdC Partners with SumUp.

The ability to take payments by sending a new guest a payment link or taking card details over phone, will require asking the Payment service provider for a Virtual Terminal


A Virtual Terminal is not provided by default.


Another such service provider is https://payrexx.com


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Be Safe, Be Well


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