I have received no payments for my bookings for the whole month of July.

Up to now it was very straightforward, booking.com takes their commission before sending me my payment every Thursday.

I have tried to text them on booking.com messages since the 14th of July.

I have starting ringing them on 01 4470680 since the 22nd of July, I only get customer service who are waiting on a reply from the finance department.

Do I start cancelling my bookings with booking.com for August? It's hard to keep going without payment from them. Is there a cost to me if I cancel?

I haven't received any invoices from booking.com but I do note on my bank statement that they paid me twice for 3 bookings, I just want it sorted, is there anywhere else to ring or text.

How do I make a complaint about the disconnect to the finance department, customer service are also always just waiting on them.

Many thanks for your help!

BrookAve 1 year ago

Relocation invoice issued if you can't get guests to change dates or agree to cancel


Check the docs n invoices page for date payment was issued if it even has