Hello, I am a newbie to Booking.com I have a self catering cottage in Lancashire. I would like to take full payment from guests 8 weeks before they arrive, how am I able to do this? Thanks

BrookAve 3 years ago


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Hi Hayley 


So when it comes to new registrations and self service setup of Extranet, the Payment Method defaults to :

  • Policies - Prepayment : OFF
  • BdC Online Payments : OFF
  • Payments by BdC       : OFF
  • Direct Payment From Guest : ON


This basically means

  • You directly deal with it.
  • Guest pays you directly.
  • You take payment on arrival.
  • Your New Reservation Auto message Template needs to be written to tell the guest hoe to pay and what form and currency.


Typically in this scenario the Partner either:

  • Takes cash on arrival
  • Takes VCC/CC on arrival
  • Takes Bank Transfer IBAN payment prior to arrival.


For Card processing you will need to find a 3rd party payment gateway provider such as :


In general especially for new partners it is often recommend when you dont have any way to accept CC/VCC card method to apply for the Payments By Booking,


  • PyB - Will take care of everything.
  • Guest prepays at checkout. 
  • BdC holds the funds until after checkout
  • Commission and payment gateway % charged , and you get the balance to your IBAN bank account, every Thursday.


Thats essentially it.


for more details on those check out Solutions menu above. and or SEARCH box.



Kind Regards,

Be Safe, Be Well


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