Payments By BdC - Payout System Is Still paying out inclusive of Commission and Gateway fee



I just noticed today for the 3rd time now an invoice for commission and fees.

When I went and checked over everything I discovered this is the same error made twice before and was only resolved when I actually sent the money.

This has been going on since end of March I think the first known incident.

For some bizarre reason the Paytments by BdC system is not deducting the commission nor payment gateway fee, and is instead paying out in full, then you  have to pay the amount owed back into BdC.


If you ignore it and do not do it , no further payouts will occur until you do.


Communities Team  Hopefully someone in CT can report this to finance IT department to fix it.


I do not remember seeing any announcements they were changing to this method , so I'm calling it a bug .


Note: This may just be an issue for IE & UK or those where the payments originate in Netherlands



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M Adamopoulou 3 years ago

Hi Barry,

Sorry to hear about this issue...

Since I haven’t had any reservations lately I haven’t experienced any problems.

Hope this bug is fixed the soonest...

Wish you well.