Payments by booking.com option unavailable?

Dear All

I have 3 listings with booking.com, 2 of them were registered with paymentsbybooking immediately when I created the listing.

My busiest listing does not have the payment by booking option under the finance section, so I can not join. It has never been there. 

I have asked booking.com directly about this and they say the payment option becomes enabled by an algorithm pending a number of bookings and good reviews / feedback. This seems completely wrong since I have had 10+ bookings and 5+ reviews. My other listings I was able to enable payments by booking before a single booking.

Can anyone assist? booking.com seem completely clueless


BrookAve 4 years ago

only BdC can assist here on this topic.

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ABC sweet home… 4 years ago

I also have 3 properties with booking.com and the 1 of them were registered from the first day the other 2...till the moment , almost 1 year after, nothing ! I dont believe them that this is by an algorithm pending a number of bookings and bla bla bla...