Payments by Bookings suspended

Hello everybody,

All my properties are on "Payments by Booking". I have just checked the invoice section of my properties and all of them say that there was no activity during the previous week when there was, and I have had no payment from Booking either. I suspect it has to do with travel restrictions but that week was before it was enforced in my country so there would be no reason for Booking to hold on to the cash (except to get a free loan from accommodations without our consent).

Has anybody noticed the same thing and have you had any explanations?

All the best,




Erin Graham Beattie 4 years ago

Virtual credit cards are all being declined everywhere. I believe you have hit the nail on the head with the 'Free Loans"

Meeli Saveli 4 years ago

Hi, exact same here, no payment from Booking. And no answer to my request.

I received the payment today (20.03)