PAYOUT !!!! Booking .com giving their hosts a lot of stress ...

I dont know if it was just a coincidence or what. But after posting here finally customer service response to my messages/email. But still I didnt get any resolution. My concern was transferred to their what so called relevant team. It didnt provide the transaction id im asking and ask me to wait again..How terrible. Please quit scamming hosts like me. You dont know how stressful it is. 

George Hadjidakis 2 months ago

i have similiar issue. I think these people are running a scam!!!!!!! No response for weeks and they sent an email to pay an invoice. When i haven't received a single payment from booking.com

Amanda Schofield 2 months ago

Hi, don't pay the invoice thinking you will get paid quicker you won't. There is a message on saying thanks for paying them but due to technical issues won't show as paid until technical issue resolved. I have 4 invoices outstanding with no money to pay them so have to wait till booking.com pay me and take the invoice money like the good old days.

4 Angel's Taga… 2 months ago

They will simply apologise for the inconvenience but they didnt even know how inconvenient it is for us. They easily get their commission but they cant send the hosts' money on time. Booking .com is a big joke now. Scammers!! You cant get a proper answer from.their customer service. Its better to use airbnb they have live representative 

Edward Thomas 2 months ago

I’m so sick of Booking.com. How are you supposed to manage your cashflow when you have no idea when anything is coming in. Feels like a massive scam. Really would like to remove booking.com account and just use Airbnb, except most bookings seem to comey through booking.com these days…

Johan Haulik Metz 2 months ago

We sent this to booking.com this morning.

We have no more patience. We have run out of money, as you did not pay in time. We are a small bussiness and we can`t survive as a bussines when we are not beeing paid. You sent a message, on the 11.th of september and promised the payment was done, but now 10 days later, nothing has happened. We are expecting 70 bookings made from comming guests. All of these bookings we have to cancel if your debt to us are not paid out tomorrow. We can´t work for free, and your excuses can´t pay our bills, as we are on public pension and depends on the income from renting out. You never sent us a notification that the payout was unsuccesful on the 11.th september. If we had known that, we would have closed down, not letting new guests make bookings at our place on your platform. We have 70 bookings in the future, which we can´t take in without getting paid. How stupid do you think we are. Many families are being ruined around the world due to lach of payment from Booking.com. Are you even thinking about that? 
You don't come up with plausible explanations and just let people go, not knowing what happens. This is deeply objectionable and criminal that Booking.com doesn´t comply with the contractual obligations. The consequences of this will be prosecuted, as we now totaly lost confidence in booking.com.



Scrat67 26 days ago

Its an absolute disgrace, surely there is some regulatory body ? They can't be allowed to do this to 'their partners' what a joke , slaves with no income off the billionaire company .