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Please make customers pay at the time of booking

Customers are cancelling their bookings even after confirming that they are coming to my place. Therefore, is requested to do something to minimize cancellation rate please. I think the best option to bring down cancellations would be by making them pay online at the time of booking either directly to or to the owners. Not a single booking has been finalized by the customers at my property. please help us out in our business


TSHERING DUKPA you are right i have a guest came to my place then she complaint that she dont have the cash then she have 4 credit card i gave her paypal link to pay the card dont work , she told me she will go to the bank the same evening to get the money find out she didnt, then it happen that she dont want to leave my house i have to call police and security card on her, so it let me dont want to do because these guest dont want to pay.    i think should help us by collecting guest payment online.