pre-paid refund


I am contacting with you because you send us an e-mail to pre-paid refund to the guest but this reservation was accepted to get a voucher which can be used till the end of the year. Reservation number: ***

Im sending you our conversation:

Fri 3 Apr 18:54

Booking number *** Hello, I already tried to write you a message at Booking.com, but since some days you d idnt answer me anymore. You told me that I could Change the dates of booking, be cause of the closed polish borders, during the Corona-Virus Pandemic. So that's what I would like to do! Please Change the dates into: 08.10.2020-13.10.2020 And send an me email where you confirm the new date. Also please Change that dat e of booking, online At booking.com Thank you in Advanve. ***, Germany

Sat 4 Apr 17:40

I'd like to cancel this booking.

Request for non refundable booking cancellation

This request has been confirmed. Settings.

We please want a change to: 08.10.2020-13.10.2020

Mon 6 Apr 09:33

Hello ***, Sorry for such late answer, the situation forced us to reduce working hours for now. I confirm changing date of your future arrival 08.10-13.10.20 Unfortunately I have no access to change it in booking.com extranet. However I can send you a voucher which will be additional confirmation of the reservation. Please send me your private e-mail then I can attach the voucher in. BR, ***


Mon 6 Apr 20:19

Hello, thanks. So please send the voucher to: *** Sincerly ***

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Sharonpowney 3 years ago

You have posted this on the partner forum and we are not able to help with a specific booking.  Contact the booking.com help team using Inbox icon on Extranet.