Im trying to change the opcion of payment.

I want that the guest pays half price before the check in. is it possible?

BrookAve 1 year ago


As long as your extranet account is in default mode,


I.e. guest pays you not Booking, you can use any prepay method from a 3rd party by outlining it into the New Reservation template.


Include a time-limit to pay before void, that way no fake reservations, no No Shows, win-win.


So if you have BdC VCC online payments or Payments by Booking, then ask BdC to opt you out, revert you back to default method

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Ailyn Fernande… 1 year ago

Hi Paula Zaha ,

To modify your prepayment set up, please go Into your extranet account, enter the Property tab and select Policies.

Click on "Edit" the policy that you want and where it says "Prepayment" select yes and "Before cancellation policy".

Select the way you wish to obtain the prepayment (Credit Card, Bank transfer, etc) and if cancelling on time, what time frame are you considering to refund the guest for that prepayment.

Hope this helps setting up the extranet according to your needs.