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Due to a no show guest that resulted in some losses for me, I set up prepayment  and selected the option that guest be charged after they book. 

I got a book after I set up that option. My problem is that I don't process credit card not can I see the credit card details. I did collect cash payment from the guest upon his arrival but the guest told me that he saw his credit card was charged. 

My question is, is the guests credit card actually charged and if so where did the payment that was charge go to and how can it be refunded to the guest since he already paid cash.


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Aaltje B. 3 years ago

Also double check to see if the amount is in your account... It may say charged but it is not.

It is very confusing.

Keep asking the finance team, help desk via extranet.

Have a great weekend,


Aaltje B.