Prepayment Restrictions or View credit card

You are currently ineligible for prepayment and non-refundable policies. To keep Booking.com safe, we wait until partners have a little more experience with us before they can set this up.


 more experience with booking? How many bookings needed? Or reviews needed? This is frustrating that guest can cancel anytime because they are not charge,. Yes booking review their credit card (we cannot view them) but how can we charge them if they dont show, or they cancel. We like to do prepayment and yet its restricted. When can we allow to do it? Hope anyone help me please. Any information 



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Community Admin 3 years ago

Hello Matija Kuljača! Thank you for posting in the Community! In the link below you will find some information with regards to the restrictions on your property:


Also in this link you will find more info on Payments by Booking as it might be a solution you might be interested in:


Best of luck!