How do I change the price for renting a room?



BrookAve 3 years ago



Hi Iver Dreiås


Depending on you want to do in Extranet under second menu is Rate Plans and Calendar


Using Calendar with List View you can manually set sginel and bulk edit date ranges or only Sundays for example.


Example you could set all Thursday to Sundays for date range to be inventory of 1 with base rate of first rate plan of 99euro.


Also under Rate Plans, you can set pricing, but remember you have the option to create first plan as your base plan and base pricing such as Per Night for X value.


Then create additional plans for say 2 nights, 3 nights, 5, 7 and set to match that minimum number of nights ; then set a discount value of x% cheaper than Base Rate Plan (nightly).


example Base Nightly = 99euro

2nights Plan = Base - 10%

4Nights Plan = Base -15%



Bear in mind if you are Genius program enabled further discounts apply on top of these.




Kind Regards


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