Problems with commission payment


Good day day to you all. I am writing to you with the hope that you will be able to help me regarding the payment of the commission invoices for our property. Our company owns 5 hotels so it is only logical that we pay one invoice for all our monthly hotel commissions. In the last 5 months or so I'm having very hard time closing the invoices with Booking.com financial department although every invoice i payed and send on time. I keep receiving massages that we have a debt towards Booking.com and We have to pay urgently or our property will be shut down. Now I've requested the full financial card of payments made by our Company but nobody is replying or answering the phone.

Now I've tryed ten times to reach somebody by using the extranet financial inbox or the phone, no luck unfortunately. So far terrible experience from the support teams on Booking. I have a reply that somebody will respond in 4 days to my massages but no answer at all. Please can anybody give me a valid email that I can use so I can address the problems I have or a mobile phone that can actually help me.

Thank you in advance.

Best Western Turist Hotel Skopje

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago


Sorry to hear about your struggles...

Usually BDC responds...I personally don’t have any problems...

The only way to contact is through your Extranet finance box sending them directly your message request...

In your Extranet inbox you can find contact numbers...


Sorry, I cannot give you another solution...maybe other partners have a better solution..


Wish you all the best ?

Best Western H… 2 years ago

Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately We have tried everything. Sending massages through the extranet and calling non stop for weeks. no luck. that is why I would kindly ask if anybody has a phone number besides the one in the extranet or email that We can use to contact booking and finally resolve are struggles.

Thank you.


BW Turist Skopje

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Account Adviso… 2 years ago


I'm truly sorry you feel that there's no support from Booking.com. Unfortunately, leaving a message here will not lead to an action. However, may I suggest to keep trying and when you do get through, ask for an email address that you can direct your query to? I'm sure you've already read this but just in case, here's a link on how to reach out regarding invoices. 


Best Western H… 2 years ago

Dear Partner,

Good day to you and thank you for the reply. Unfortunately as I said We have already tried everything, sending emails through the Booking.com/massages no reply for days even weeks. We called hundred times no luck what so ever. Even when We got somebody on the phone no real help solving the situation. That is why I was wondering if anyone has any other contact besides the useless massaging and phone numbers in the extranet. We would appreciate the help. Thank you.


Ferdi Mushe
Fornt Office Manager
BW Turist Hotel