Problems in reservation for more people and the price depending on the number of guests + tourist tax

Hello everyone!

I want to discuss the problem of choosing a price, that is, choosing an option in relation to the number of guests in the group. Bare with me, please read to the end.

I have one large apartment, in which I can accommodate a maximum of 7 people.

I also had options for children (children's rate up to 12 years, and 13+ pay the adult price) and a restriction, that I can accept a maximum of 3 children, of which two can pay the child rate, and the third must pay the adult price (I know, I made it complicated, that I changed it now!).

This is my problem: the price of the apartment varies according to the number of guests. That's what Booking suggests, so that, like, we get more reservations.

More prices provide more price options, regardless of how many people guest is looking to accommodate.

So now I have guests, 3 adults and 4 children (I host max 3 children, the 3rd pays adult price), who in the end chose the option to pay for 6 people (among them 2 children rate), instead of all 7, obviously choosing the option 4 (adults) + 2 (children), instead of 5 + 2. 

In my reservation report, I don't see which price option and combination the guest chose, I only see that the price includes the children's rate (not even how many), but I see that he chose to pay for a total of 6, instead of all 7 guests.

So I get more guests for less money, and now it's up to me to argue with the guest and prove (without any proof) that they paid (chosen) a lower price. On the printed reservation, you CANNOT SEE WHICH PRICE OPTION THE GUEST CHOSEN, you can only see (1) what he searched for, (2) the capacity of the space and (3) the price per night. It is not nowhere visible, and you cannot simply show and prove to the guest that he chose to pay for fewer people!

Why does Booking even allow someone, who is looking for accommodation for a certain number of people, to finally choose and pay for accommodation for smaller groups? Why is this option enabled in the first place?

I did the test, I started to book my accommodation for 7 people, but I chose to pay for 3!

booking lets me to book for fewer people

In the next step Booking warns me that I don't have accommodation for my group, but still lets me pay for the option for fewer people?!

booking lets me to book for fewer people

That is not normal. That's not fair.
It's not ok to have a dispute with an unscrupulous guest at the start and thus risk getting a revenge review.

Can we change it, Booking, by NOT LETTING guests, even by not to offering options for less than they searched for? You suggest that we have different price for different number of people, so protect us from this situations!


Why in the world our guests are getting the city tax in the recapitulation, which looks like they are paying for it too?!

city tax

Not once I had a problem, that guests claim that they already paid for the tourist tax and refuses to pay it on the spot. Can you imagine how awkward is the situation like this?! And when I print the reservation page, there is no info about it! 

Can we change it, Booking, by marking it clearly that the price the Booking will collect, does not include the city tax? Or add it UNDER the total price, so that is clear form the sky, that this tax is to be paid on the spot? Or add it in the option when printing the reservation?


Obviously, I wrote this in the hope that someone from Booking will read it, and in the desire to get rid of the frustration I feel, I certainly want your opinion and experience: how do you solve similar situations? Do you have any advice for me, as Booking will surely not fix this? Does it make sense to contact Booking support about this?