I'm not sure what Topic I should be posting under, but as I don't seem to be able to get a direct answer from the Booking.com support team I thought I'd ask my question on this platform.

At what point do promotions become available to potential guests if they are not shown in the initial guest search or on my properties page?

Also, why do I not appear to have a 'Promotions' tab under "Rates & Availability"?

Many thanks in advsnce for your help


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jaybeegee 4 years ago

Hi Andy

When you set up the promotion you have to also set up "When can guests stay using the discounted rate?" - if a prospective guest does a search around these dates then the promotion will kick in - is it not working like this?

Andy How 4 years ago


We believe the promotion is set up correctly but when I don an annomous search of dates there are no promotions highlighted to me.

Attached is a screen print of our promotions as set.Screen print