Proof of invoice payment


I sent the message below and received an answer. I followed the guidance but still unable to obtain a telephone number to actually speak to someone about my invoice. I have never had so much trouble trying to obtain information. Booking.com are the worse!! It is not user-friendly at all.

I want to take my property off this site and stick to Airbnb.


I received an email stating that I have not my invoice. I paid it within the time, I contacted my bank and they have sent me a statement detailing the payment.

Where do I send this to Booking,com? I've been looking at the partner's page for an hour and cannot find anything, can't even find a number to call.

So frustrated, it's ridiculous . Don't have any of these problems with Airbnb.


BrookAve 1 year ago


  1. contact options below
  2. search - end my partnership
  3. extranet messaging
  4. stop comparing to AirBnb , all that does is wind yourself up.


 no one here but us leprechauns , contact partner support.


  • Remember this Partner Hub is not a direct line to any support team.
  • So never post action requests here, nothing will come of it.
  • Always message or phone Partner Support directly instead. Method #4 Public Phone List 


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