Protection from fraudist

To all partners here. Back in April I had a case of some one who cancelled less than 24 hour from arriving.

My policy on booking is that if cancellation occurs within 14 day of arrival I am entitled for all the money.

The 'guest' claimed her money back through her Visa bank and I was left with no choice but to let my bank send the money paid back because if there is not enough evidence for arbitration we were risking paying a fee of 1000 euro if arbitration takes place and case is lost.

Actually I did not risk it . I am writing here to see if anyone had a similar case like mine. 

The client is from the US and we are in Malta ( Maltese island)

My intention is to take further legal action anybody here can help out how we can proceed .

Apparently screenshots showing cancellation/ other information on booking.com extranet is not enough.

Thank you

BrookAve 4 years ago

wow that is terrible.

Chargebacks should not be allowed on payments  where the MCC =7011 aka lodging code.

I did see something recently on how to prevent chargebacks, but cant remember where or the details.