Pushing my rates in USD instead of local currency

Hi - We are a US based rentals management companies and operate some properties overseas, in this case in Colombia - all of our systems and rates are pushed in USD to ALL channels... however we noticed that Booking.com does not allow us to push rates in USD so we get are unable to integrate as our USD rates make no sense in local currency... any idea on how to get this fixed? Thanks!

Gerencia 5 years ago

Dear Zsolt thanks - in an older thread you mention that you were able to use a channel manager that was able to manage multiple currencies and make the conversion for you... could you please share what this channel manager is? Apparently the one I use only accommodates USD/EUR ... any other tips on how to solve this? Thanks

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Katerinka12 5 years ago

Hello, Gerencia,

Please, do not repeat my mistake!

I got confused with all currencies and I used Tokeet as my channel manager. I was just starting and when I saw many bookings just in few hours I became so unbelievably happy... Until I realized that Tokeet "understood" 50 pesos as 1 USD.

And that's all because of Booking policy, which allows local currency only and that's it!

After multiple attempts trying to solve my problem with Tokeet (the problem was not only misunderstanding of currency and price, but blocking the dates on all channels. For instance, it was expensive and stressful to solve this problem with TripAdvisor).

I had to write to all these people, who booked for 1 dollar. I received many rude and demanding replies. One of them saiying "I will not cancel. It's my price and my rules!"

My smile was slowly disappearing until that Very Day... I have contacted this Polish lady so many times, bringing my apologies... But I got no answer...

Naive me, I thought that people do act as I do... As for me I will be very ashamed to show up at expensive place for 1 dollar...

And imagine, that Very Day came... She arrived with her boyfriend and showed her reservation for 1 dollar. She sincerely thought that it was completely right price and she didn't want to hear about my multiple letters to her. Since I thought that no person in the world would travel 9000 miles to unknown country to stay for 1 dollar, my place was already taken by another guest.

We did relocation which cost me a good amount of money, not to mention all the hassle for me and my staff.

Double time naive, I thought that she will appreciate all my efforts, enjoy the time with her boyfriend as the place is very adorable and romantic for couple, but... What did I get???

Rude and destructive Review that poor her arrived with Reservation which we disregarded and she left us 2.5 score review!!!

I wrote to Booking and you know... They take into consideration Money before anything less. I wonder how much commission they did for 1 dollar? First time ever they were so nice and Fair to remove that destructive review for the property that she didn't stay in.

As for Tokeet, they never lifted a finger trying to help or at least to answer my mails. I wrote to CEO, but no response.

I think, they do know about Booking policy for usage of local currencies. It can't be that all channel managers do not know about very small secret of the Number 1 industry player, isn't it?

As much as I wanted to automate my business, I realized (with help of my guests, who are hosts as well), that human touch is very important. I manually block dates for all my channels. It requires more attention, but with channel manager I lost so much time... Because nothing is completely automated... We still have to supervise it. Now, it's your choice: do you want to supervise the channel manager, which supervises your guests or do you supervise your guests directly?

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M Adamopoulou 5 years ago

Katerinka12 thank you so much for sharing your post. Oh my God, cant believe what that lady did tol you. Guests can be very tough to handle. Your story has shocked me!!!

I was wondering why hosts use channel managers and what is the benefit. Now I know. I prefer to do everything manually although it takes more time. Afterall I only have one Studio and not in a popular location.

Take care my lovely girl....

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Thuild - Your … 5 years ago

The new reply BDC gives when confronted with their s***.

Dear Partner,

We've forwarded your message to a specialist on this topic. They generally respond within 2 days. Nothing else is needed from you in the meantime.

The Booking.com Team