Question about price

When i search for my accomodation on booking it comes up to a cost of 820 swedish krones but when someone have booked it says that the price is 747,50. How come? I undesrstand that booking is taking a procent as commission but isn't that coming as an invoice in the end of the month?

BrookAve 3 years ago




Pricing is based on several factors and features both passive and selective features you enabled in Extranet.


From Genius, Genius Business, Promotions, Rate Plans, stacking of offers etc.


using the Calendar in List view, for a room type you can expand the first column to see what rates are showing for day of the week, date, etc.


You can implement, minimum length of stay etc.


See :




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VIA Borgafjäll 3 years ago

Yes I understand that but when the guest is'nt paying on booking, what price should i charge them for it to be right? 820 that is said on booking or 747,50 that it says when it's seen in our booking system (sirvoy)