rate changes

Hi everyone,

Has anybody experienced price changes on the rate and availability page, when though you have one fixed price while booking the guest pays reduced price, receiving no notification about discount. 

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fluff 4 years ago

Several things to check;

Are you registered for the "Genius" discount scheme which gives the guest a minimum of 10% discount. I believe the default is "yes" so you will need to opt out if this is the case.

Do you have any promotion running, check your promotions section.

Are you registered for mobile app discount? I again believe the default is "yes" so you'll need to opt out of that as well.

In analytics, check your "price quality", it will be a percentage. If it falls below a certain level IIRC 30%, BDC will add a discount to your cheapest rate called "Booking xxxxxxx?" and will be flagged as such if you look up your rooms as a potential guest would. If this is the case that same section will tell where more competitive prices were found by BDC's bots.

Check those highlighted prices to see if the bots are correct (in our case 9 times out of 10 they are wrong!). Assuming you find another of your OTAs offering a lower price than BDC you will need to contact them to adjust it or make allowances yourself to the prices listed there.