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I have received the following two bookings copied below and would like to understand how the rates were derived as my specified daily charge is R1200. Clearly the booking by Babalwa Ntampula is at an absurd rate, but that of Debra Morrison is also at a steep discount. I do not wish to accept either of these bookings and would like to know how to cancel them and avoid similar situations in the future.




Dale Lippstreu



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BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi Dale Lippstreu


If you go to admin dashboard, then Rates & Availability, Calendar.

Now set the view to List view.


You get a tabular view of your room(s) and the rate plans that room is linked to.


Consider those prices the starting prices.


Now There are certain features like promotions and the Genius Program if you have them enabled will reduce the cost per night....and guess what.....they stack!


Yep I know its annoying at first when you start out and get this surprise. Been there too.


So this is where you have to be clever about I and what you set your rates to and how you structure them.




Set a Nightly Rate, Non refundable and minimum nights = 1. and lets say a value of 100euro.

Now when you create other Rate Plans for popular bundles of:

2,3,5,7,10 Nights you can set them to have a discount of X% or X-euro based on the nightly rate.


Genuis Rate discounts I think start at 10%, then 15% or shown as 10%+extra 5%.

Then there is the option of Genius Business bookings rate.; Genius per country or region rate discounts.

Oh and there is also a mobile rate discount of 10% min.


I know it can be confusing at first and a lot to consume but you'll get their.


(Base Rate -  # of nights ) - Discounts (Genius Rate + Mobile Rate + Genius Country/business rate)


Thats very oversimplified and may not be 100% accurate off the top of my head.


When it comes to cancelations  you can simply open each reservation and on right side see the option to cancel.


If you enabled bookings policy of guest must supply a phone number and or email verified, then potentially you could contact them and explain there was an issue and the booking needs to be cancelled


Kind Regards