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Rates on Weekends

It looks like most vacation rentals have higher rates on the weekend and holidays. I have always charged the same every night of the year. I have even used this as a promoting point by saying most vacation rentals raise their rates on special occasions but ours stay the same throughout the year. Do you think it is a good business practice to raise rates on the weekends? Could I please get a few opinions on this?



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Sharonpowney 3 years ago

I think it really depends where you are and what type of business you are in.  If you are in a area where there are lots of weekend breaks then it is probably worth it.  If you are in a business area often the rates are cheaper at weekends because all the business guests are not around.  I am in an area where guests are travelling around the country so just staying a couple of nights as part of that so weekends don't m,ake any difference.

BrookAve 3 years ago

Yes in general, Fri -Sat are premium nights.


You can do this using the bulk edit tool,set restrictions/ pricing in Calendar - List View