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Hi i want to ask about booking.com payment ,as im new partner,i read that they ussually make a payments to us every end of the month, i saw the notice that they sent the payment to me at 1'st November but its already 15'th and i still didnt get it on my bank account that i listed is it normal?

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Daniel


So lets start with where are you based ? country

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In general yes Online Payments & Payments By Booking are where Guest pays at checkout .

With PbB , it used to be select weekly or on 15th of the following month.

Then it was announced for my area (Ireland), it was switching to weekly on Thursdays.


What I cant confirm yet is , does it differ by country and or region, it quite possibly does.


So you could contact BdC support by message or phone and have them confirm what it should be for you and iff there actually is funds due to be paid out.


Note payout does only happen if the checkout dates occur with in that period selected.


Let us know where you are and what response BdCsupport gives you so we know if its universal or differs by location.


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