refund to a guest

good afternoon 

on the 14th of October I received a last minute booking which has been canceled on the immediate because the client realized that the system gave him a wrong address. 

he contacted me and told me that he already got in contact with one of the operator. 

I would like to refund the guest. 

I still haven't received the amount because I noticed that I didn't upload my bank account yet so i suppose for you will be easier. 

The guest *** has already charged and he is asking gently to be refund. 

Please let me know which one is the procedure

Looking forward to hear from you

Thank you very much 

kind regards.


BrookAve 3 years ago



Something is not right, as if a guest contacts BdC support to cancel, nothing is cancelled until BdC contacts the Host Partner.


Usually by phone or message, and then the status is updated when agreed.


SO if the reservation status is not marked cancelled and there was no phone call, then its not cancelled.


Is your last minute setup for prepay ?


It sounds like they prepaid to BdC at checkout , and you have not had a payout since they left.


So if thats the case, and stay check out date has past, you now need to notify BdC of the cancellation.


But since they clearly lied about cancelling it,, I wouldnt cancel or refund. I would leave it as is.



Kind Regards


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