Refund guest payment

How can I refund payment because the room not available and I’ve been try to synchronize Booking.com with Airbnb but it’s not working with this thing it’s make over- booking.





BrookAve 4 years ago


The sync will never work that way nor in a real time reliable fashion.


Try simple message guest from the detail page, saying


"sorry already full, will send cancellation confirm by email, please click on it to confirm"

Now click on cancel on right side of details page.

Then wait,  if they have not done so within 8 hours call BdC support.


But is better if guest does cancel via that email instead before you call BdC.

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Community Admin 4 years ago

Dear Wichai Saeton! Thanks for posting in the Community!


If you have an issue with overbooking and are not able to accommodate the guest, please contact our Customer Support team. They will assist you to relocate the guest and will explain you how to avoid overbookings in the future. 


Best regards!