Refund money, cancellations

The borders of our country are now closed and my guest is asking for her money back.

Her dates are 18th may to 29th may. She booked at a non refundable rate. But I want to give her money back.

She wants me to make the deposit into her account and gave me the account number.

I sent her a Request for cancellation but by clicking on it she will get fully charged.

I sent bookings a couple Notes and no response.

Can you help me?

BrookAve 4 years ago




Based on the info above , she will not get charged, if she does it correctly.


Or you start the cancellation process by clicking on Request to Cancel in the reservation details page.


It will clearly tell you to choose option 2 - guest requested cancellation, do so .


It also then says on same view , you are agreeing to waiver  penalty fee.


Go ahead and click to continue , then Guest receives email to confirm.


Did you take direct prepayment or are you using Payments by Booking.com?



Kind Regards, Be Safe Be Well