Refund my payment

Pagi tadi i ada booking payment for the hotel untuk tarikh sepatutnya 26/2/2022 . Tp kat situ boleh letak tarkhir 27/2/2022 . So i booking jela i ingatkan boleh checkin terus lepas booking tapi rupanya kena ikut tarikh 27hb tu and checkin 3pm. So i call pihak hotel untuk refund balik my payment and cancel booking. Pihak hotel cakap i kena call app yang buat penolak kan duit dari account bank i. Then mintak app booking.com to refund my money . So i harap sangat pihak app booking.com boleh pulang kan kembali duit i. Mohon faham situation i ya. Thank so much booking.com😌

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Fluff (new account) 1 year ago

You are in the wrong place, this forum is for properties only.

Please use the customer support facilities HERE


Didem - Community Manager  


Why are non-properties STILL able to open accounts here, after pointing this fault out so many times and still NOTHING is done. WE don't need sympathetic noises, please make sure action is taken.

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Didem - Commun… 1 year ago

Hi Fluff (new account), I shared this feedback already within our team who takes care of the technical developments, they are well aware. Action is definitely taken on this one - the process of implementing the improvements is taking a while. Thank you for your patience!