Regarding the commission of booking which has the Invoice no :- ***


As i have received the booking of miss thanuja reddy booking Id no:- ***

so for the commission invoice which i received about this booking is Rs:- 825.

but i have received another invoice no:- *** about the Tax Payment Overview of Rs :- 701.25

what was that ,as per the policy we have to pay only the commission amount to the booking.com then what to do with that extra invoice amount.  

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi suhas


BdC payout since 2020 Q2 last year was the full amount.


You then pay the commission invoice fee + gateway fee (payments By booking)

Commission only if using BdC Online Payments aka VCC.


So the extra V.A.T. you recieve is for you and your accountant to deal with what can be written off against expenses and allowed Tax laws etc,


i.e. its entirely up to you what you do with it.





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