Regarding the payment condition

Most of the  guest taking as a advantage the condition "pay at property"  and they didn't tuned up and cancelling it at last minute and thus it hindering the potential customer to book the room.  We unable to cancel it in one click. Conversation with booking.com executive to cancel is a very big problem.We are landing ultimately at loss if the not turned up or responded at right time.. Though they are not providing payment details, booking.com is continue to book the rooms without considering the basic requirements of payment details. Sometimes the phone number itself is not correct. What we do at such situations?

BrookAve 2 years ago

This sounds like a very common issue.... new partners not reading everything before sign up 


By default it is direct pay on arrival,  I know it sucks.


The best option is enable prepay under policies,  then they must pay within x hours or you are free to Request cancellation and tick options on the wizard options.


Simplifies most scenarios,  alternatively ask BdC about signing up for their online payments or Payments by booking.


Kind regards