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I tried to change the security deposit amount on my listings tonight due to repeatedly suffering damage and consequent costs from bookings. I was dismayed to find the inability to claim a substantive security deposit on Booking.com. It restricts me from setting a security deposit that will fit my requirements. It will only allow me to ask for R300 (app 20usd) which will not even cover the cost to make key copies if the guest should loose keys or a gate remote. 

I requested a description change to indicate that a security deposit will be charged, but the assistant explained to me that according to policy this is not possible and that I will have to become more established with Booking.com for this amount to increase. To become more established I have to do business with B.com for an 'undetermined' time longer, I have to have more completed bookings (which I am actually doing very well with notwithstanding that this cannot be a pre-requisite over the Covid restrictions time), I have to pay all my invoices on time (which B.com is handling in anyway so they are paid on time every time) etc. I find this policy completely lacking and unnecesarily restrictive. Booking.com does not even collect or refund the security deposit but should at least allow the host to decide the amount. Booking.com should not determine this security deposit because they have no idea what the content of the apartment is worth. If the TV should be maliciously damaged, or a door kicked down, or a couch burned, then the replacement or fixing cost is already in the thousands of rands. I suggest that this policy be reviewed.

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BrookAve 3 years ago

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Hi Megan 


TIP :: Go to Property > Policies , Additional Charges and pick one, then add the amount, and its done . :)

Its all about thinking outside the box  :)



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