requesting access to guest cc info and payment by booking since last March

I added this account in March 2022 and after the first couple of booking realized that credit card info was not accessible.  When I contacted Support they informed me this happens with new accounts and after a short time the credit card details will be available in the extranet.   "The time frame is decided by an algorithm"  and access is given after a certain number of reservations are made and accommodated, invoices paid ( on time) and reviews are made.  There have been over 100 bookings so far, I've accommodated 23, received 15 reviews (score of 9.1), paid every invoice.  We're located in Hoboken NJ with 4 units and do not have a market manager.  I've called and messaged Booking Support over 20 times.  They do nothing but understand my position and apologize at best or are completely incompetent (90% of the times).  Does anyone know what can be done?