Requesting advice on how to cancel bookings

I have had a bit of an incident at the property and will need immediate repair meaning that the foreseeable bookings will all need to be cancelled. I have managed to find alternative local options for guests (if they would like them) but not sure how to manage all of this on this unwieldy system! The first booking is on Friday so I will need to refund the guests. I can't see any help on any of this anywhere and in a panic!


Venkatesh 2 years ago

Hi Louise Robertson, congrats on your first booking from booking.com for your property. I can imagine how excited and thrilled to have first ever booking and you had to cancel it due to the unexpected situation at the property. In this case you have 2 options left.

1. Request date change

If the customer agree to change the reservation date, you will save money on this booking also have the chance host your first guest to your property!Request date change

2. Request the guest to cancel the reservation. 

You will find the guest contact number in the reservation page, get the number and contact the guest, explain the situation this will help both of you to solve the issue. 

cancel the reservation

I hope you find the above images helpful to resolve the issue/problem. 

Good luck with the future bookings, Have a great day from india!!!!