Reservation and payment - immediate

Received means pain already on booking account? Since I haven’t provided online payment infoCan you tell me what does green mark “received” means on the picture I uploaded with the post. Is this green mark indication that stay have been payed by a card completely or partially in advance?

Should I require money as guests arrive or its already dealt with? I haven’t put any bank account info on the booking account yet. I would prefer cash payments anyway. 
please respond since I don’t know how sure my reservation is since the guest reserved 14 days and it’s a high price so it looks suspicious...

thanks for your attention 

BrookAve 3 years ago



If you are only setup for default of pay on arrival , then that comes with a risk, of no show and no payment.

Simply message them to find out more.

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Community Admin 3 years ago

Dear Stefan Berić, thank you for posting in the community.


The green mark “received” is when the reservation was made by the guest.

If you’re a new partner and your property has not been verified by our team yet, you will temporarily be unable to view guests’ credit card details. Therefore, during this restricted period, you’ll need to request payment directly from guests at check-in. 


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