Reservation cancelled


I will explain what happened.

A guest booked our apartment for one night, for 18.07. We moved the date to 01.08 but the guest actually came today, 18.07. She paid with card. She cancelled the reservation for 01.08 on 18.07 and booked her new date, but we don't know if she will receive her money, will I receive her money, because she paid with card. Where is the money for 01.08? Should she pay me again? Will she get a refund? Or is the money in my bank account? Please contact me ***

BrookAve 3 years ago



  • booking 1 for 18th july.
  • host updated 18 july to 1st august
  • Guest had prepaid
  • Guest attempted to cancel 1st august booking on 18th july, i.e. today.
  • Guest then booked a new reservation, date unknown.


  1.  no one will contact you, this is partner community not BdC support.
  2. when a booking is updated both you and guest should see it under the new date.
  3. when guest via online or phone requests a cancel of booking, nothing will cancel or refund until you get a notification, check your messages /email inbox.
  4. You then acknowledge the request to cancel  and allow full refund by agreeing to waiver.
  5. if this has not bee ndone and you see the reservation still there and active, if you request o cancel and guest accepts on notification then full refund is done.