Reservation trouble



I got a situation With a customer, he Said in Booking that hes will stay for 4 Nights, but he only stayed for 1 night and now I have to pay the comission for 4 days, what can I do?

Sharon Powney 2 years ago

You need to contact the Finance team at booking.com.  This is partner forum so cannot resolve here.

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M Adamopoulou 2 years ago

Hi David,

Maybe you should inform booking.com immediately so they can support you.

BrookAve 2 years ago

wait back up a sec..... **re -reads 3 times**...


now first you say the initial booking for was 4 nights, ok right...


Was this prepaid to you directly or  BdC?

Or did they pay on checkout directly and only pay for 1 night?


If they did prepay for 4 night and leave early, you do nothing, you accept the 4 nights payout from BdC and deduct the commission, endof.


If you only got direct payout on check out day for 1night then thats a different story.

In this case you update the reservation by messaging BdC support with the reservation number to adjust the check out date, and then you only pay commission on 1 night.


Next time share all the details please, you will get a proper answer quicker by full disclosure.



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