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Hola, I need some advice on charging guests an amount prior arrival since we have lost a couple of reservations due to late cancellations and no cc info. I am not able to call booking.com since their Helpdesk is in another country than us and I cannot send them messages through extranet. Is there a kind soul (or booking.com) who could help me with advice? Thank you so much in advance! Best regards Hostel Tortuga Booluda

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BrookAve 3 years ago

Hi Hostal La Tortuga Booluda


This is a frequent question, and the same answer is always :


  • Use Prepayments, ideally Payments by BdC Under Finance - Getting Paid, to enable.
  • Set Rate as Non Refundable with strict cancelation policy , I use 1 hour . With minimum 1 night stay. 


By choosing BdC Payments, you get the security of prepaid; Set minimum nights to 1 only, and you can then also benefit from the Risk Free option.


The Risk Free option essentially upgrades the cancelation policy on your nonrefundable rates to allow a calcelation scenario but, when they cancel you still get paid regardless.


They will try match another guests to the same nights, but it can be 2 of 3 nights from the original dates. This is ok as while the new guest prepayment to BdC covers the first 2 nights that were cancelled, they then cover the cost of the third cancelled night also.


Note: for this to work you need one room or room type as set non refundable with minimum 1 night (no higher).



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