Sheets and cleaning

Hello, how can i write information about the fact that you are supposed to bring sheets and clean the house when you leave. This is standard for cottages in sweden but it is not common for guests from other countries.

I also want my bookings at least 12hrs before checkin to make sure i am available and the heating is on. How can i be sure of that? Last week we had a guest making the reservation only one hour before they came and we were out kayaking with other guests and could not get there until hours later.

BrookAve 4 years ago


Hi André Axelsson


1. when you say bring sheets ? you don't literally mean bring bedding for the beds right?

That's is most definitely unique, one might say peculiar.

Or did you mean bring your own towels?


2. As for checkout cleaning, I usually put that in to the first automatic message a section for checkout day, of what is expected. But no guarantee they will even read it.

You should put a A4 poster reminding them of the policies in the unit, and maybe one dedicated to checkout procedure to include it on the wall near the exit.



You can set a minimum booking window in days or hours. That way you can have the 12 hours.

Under the rate plans, Bookable : Set period.





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