Status - Paid Online

What is the meaning of "Paid Online" in the status column?

Does it mean that that guest already paid our room?




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Leandri Klopper 5 years ago

Hello Hoteldjayakarta / Shinta,

Yes! I love seeing those two little words. It means they've made the payment in full online already, normally you will then receive a virtual credit card that appears on the booking that you can process.

Happy bookings!

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Holly 5 years ago

It's so confusing as I receive tonnes of bookings with virtual credit cards but I just last week I got one that had the "Paid Online" status that you mention and it totally threw me. After 4 phone calls, no one on the booking.com customer service centre has been able to explain why this has occurred and whether or not I need to bill the customer. Doesn't ingrain much confidence in the system.

I don't get how this status differs from all the others if they haven't actually paid and we still have to process the payments ourselves.

It's such an awkward payment system to use.

Anan 4 years ago

When can I know that "PAID ONLINE" is transfer the money to the account that I send to BOOKING.com. Please kindly advise the Financial department that I can contact.

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Leandri Klopper 4 years ago

Hey Anan,

Here is how you can contact Booking.com: Contact booking.com

@Holly, sorry it has been a while. What ended up happening with that payment?

According to me, if it says paid online then I don't charge anything other than the card loaded on the system. If it says paid online but there is no card anywhere, I panic and phone booking.com. They normally tell me that the card will show on a specific date or they open the card for me. 

Hope this helps.