Does some one can tell me what TDOT means on the payment schedule for guests


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Community Admin 3 years ago

Hello Aimeo Cottage! Thank you for posting in the Community! Can you please give us more information on where exactly you see this? All the best!

Lech Oleszczuk 3 years ago

Good day It shows in reservation price specification. Looks like this. 

17 - 18 January Standard Rate, TDOT Rate (Standard Rate -10%) PLN 13518 - 19 January Standard Rate, TDOT Rate (Standard Rate -10%)

Are you able to explain this miracle. :) Thx in advance. Lech

Ann Easterbrook 1 year ago

I too would like to know what TDOT rate is. I've taken off Genius rate because it is costing so much. And now Bookingcom have added this TDOT. I've looked in help and can't find out what it's about and Googled it - nothing there either. My price breakdown is as Lech's:

standard flex, TDOT Rate (standard flex -10%) It feels like I've taken one discount off, and BKG have found another!!