Terrible credit control costing me a fortune in VAT

I have had a total nightmare with booking com and I have 30 properties with them I have tried for 8 weeks to get invoices changed to add the VAT number. They changed the VAT number but have not and seem not interested in sending men 6 backdated invoices with the correct information. Customer support cannot transfer you to anyone senior or to credit control department and even the legal department. I have had to pay in excess of 35,000 rand in VAT i didnt need to pay. All i need is for the last 6 months invoices to be changed to add the VAT number and after 20 calls, dozens of extranet messages and an official complaint nobody will contact me. I have never been so frustrated working with an OTA before. They only seem to care about the guest and not the partner that makes them a fortune. No supervisors or managers, we used to have a regional manager it was great but this year no assistance at all. It would take them a few minutes to correct an address and send the invoices so I can claim back this VAT but never any luck. I phoned them again yesterday and got exactly the same. They transfer you to customer support that say they will forward an urgent request only again to receive automated text messages. Its the worst customer service I have ever experienced and yet I pay a small fortune to them every month in commission. Booking com needs higher levels than customer support that have zero power to do anything. Its the same thing over and over again and for weeks!!!! 

BrookAve 1 year ago




nope , no one here but us leprechauns , contact partner support.




Niles Hemming 1 year ago

Yes partner support that does nothing 8 weeks no reply