They want to cancel after the check in

Two guests arrived today, and when entered the apartment they said that they didn't like the area where it is located and that the house has "negative energy". Its the first time that i come across something like this and all of my previous reviews are above 9,5/10. They asked me to return the money they paid, but i have already paid for the cleaning, and the lady that hands over the keys. What should i do ? If i keep my policy and do not return the money back, will they still be able to leave a review ?

Thank you for your time

BrookAve 3 years ago

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Posting something like this will not result in any action at all.


Hi Kimon,


Firstly , remind them while they are welcome to leave , it will not result in cancel and full refund.


Yes they can leave rating  poor and poor feedback,, but that is part of the course,

then you simply reply to the feedback and set the record straight as to what really happened.


Feelings do not equal refunds.


Even if they are being genuine, I would not allow it. 


You just say :

"Sorry to hear, that.
You are the first to feel this way.
Unfortunately as per policy, it does not justify a refund in this case.
You are welcome to go elsewhere but it is not refundable.
there is nothing to debate on this topic, I wish you luck , good bye "



Note: do not cancel it or mark it as No Show.


If you want option to show availability for it , increase the inventory for those dates by 1



Kind Regards,

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