Took payment on property since my bank wasn't set up with Booking.com

I had guests this past weekend who showed a balance due.  I took the payment on property because booking.com bank account wasn't set up yet.  Do I pay Booking.com now?  Will the guest get charged twice?

Thank you.

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Aaltje B. 5 years ago

Paying Booking.com only when bookings done through the system.

If he came direct to you without informing BDC then you don't pay.

If he did go through the system you only have to worry if he has done his payment through BDC by credit card 100%

So all depending on your settings.

Inn keeper: have a look at reservations online and see how his status is there.

If you need info about the finances you can contact BDC and they will forward you to the finance department.


Aaltje B.