Tourist tax

Is Tourist Tax ( Taxe de Sejour) included in our invoices if so does it come under the heading extra charges. How is it paid and where can we get the information to notify the Marie that it has been collected and paid by booking.com?


Julie Warburton

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Isle of Wight … 4 years ago

Have you looked in the extranet under Property > VAT/Tax/Charges ??


Julie Warburton 4 years ago

City tax of 5.50% (this won't exceed € 2.53 per person per night) isn't included

Does this mean that we have to collect the city tax and pay the tax ourselves. With Airbnb it clealy states that they collect the city tax and pays it directly to the tax office. I'm still confused can booking.com collect and pay it like Airbnb.  What is the extra charge on booking.com invoice?? 

Regards Julie 

Valerie Stait 4 years ago

agree, also trying to work this out for my accounts as the amount is not specified under 'any other charges'. Can someone from BDC tell me where to find out exactly how much city tax they have paid on my behalf for the last tax year?