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Tricky guests

I had a booking for 1 guest and he sent me a message saying that "they" would arrive around 20:30. One minute after the booking I asked him how many were, but he did not answer.

I contact him directly by pone SMS and nothing..

It was a last minute booking so I phoned hime to coordinate check in and get a clear view of the reservation..

They say they were 4 people coming, so I said they should pay for extra guests because Price depends on number of guests.. They answer "it is not fair"

At the end we agreed they pay at arrival time 25 euro more (sic)...

When they show up they were a family of 5 (2 adults). I am pretty sure it was not a mistake but something made intentionally, as they are Genius business partners.

So they made this last minute wrong booking, knowing that I would be afraid of receiving a bad review if I ask for the total Price.. (I have 9,5 review score with 27 reviews)

Do you know how should I have reacted?

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pibomarco 5 years ago

Usually when we're afraid of a bad review, we become more tolerant.
I personally would charge extra with no doubt in this particular case... but I have 550 reviews so my overall score is solid, one bad review doesn't make the difference.

In your position I would probably react the same and wouldn't charge extra. I can tolerate 1 - 2 douchey guests per year. But if this would be happening too often, then the story would be different.