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Advice appreciated :  Our apartment takes a maximum of 4 adult guests.  On a recent booking - TWO booked, a further 4 arrived after we did key handover, making a total of 6 !!!  Only paying for TWO.  How do I make changes to the charges - have asked Booking.com, but no response.  Advice appreciated.

BrookAve 3 years ago


Hi Three nine • Four one.


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So after digesting the above and thinking about it , there is one thing that stands out for me.


  • Its an apartment.
  • It is one unit.
  • It is rented as one unit  and normally sleeps 4 people.


Now for a moment stop and look at how that does not mean I cannot book and bring 2 people and they share a bed or sleep on couch.

Maybe bring sleeping bags.

Maybe  we are just party of 4 and our friends who are local or also travelling come over.

This is perfectly normal and acceptible.

This is the mind set of the guest you need to understand.


So to go back to the question of charging for extra people, to me that is both immoral and unethical.

Also there is the old law of the land addage - "the price displayed is the price paid".


Having said that what you can do is add:


Fine Print : Additional guests staying for 2 or more nights is charge at X per son per stay.

Add a photo with text saying similar in a succinct manner.

Add to the first new booking auto message the extra.


I dont know for sure but you might be able to define it under the Property > room Detailsm as a cost per extra bed.


Check Property > Policies too, I think there is also a additional costs section, but not sure if it is active if type = apartment.


In this particular case you cannot addon extra after the check-in date without guest agreeing, and even then they should just pay you directly.

If you are not up for asking them directly then simply leave this one alone and bear it in mind for new bookings.


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Three nine • F… 3 years ago

Our booking procedure is very clear and is priced per person staying, NOT as an apartment.  These guest were well aware of what they were doing, paying half the rate that they should for four persons.  Also it is very clear that the maximum is 4 people.  In addition, we add the terms and conditions to the follow up message sent to guests upon booking, to ensure they have read the details.

BrookAve 3 years ago

Thank you for clarifying ,as all of that was missing from the original topic you started.


Maybe next time start with that first and also make sure you complete your partner profile as it is missing the listing url for us to view it.


Had I know that from the start and or able to click on your profile to then see the listing I would have seen some of that. :)


Kind Regards

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