Unfair charges from booking.com

The individual made bookings while on the system it shows that i am fully booked and booking.com accepted thier payment. I therefore  have to pay a fee while my property was fully booked. I cant pay that money.


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Miguel 2 years ago

Are you using a channel manager?

Maybe you did not map all the rates (or you created a new one recently and did not mapped it?)

It happened to me time ago. I solved it finding an alternative for my guest by my own. It is important to know the hosts local community



Miguel G.
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Providence Pheelwane 2 years ago

Thanks for the response, i am not using channel manager. Maybe i need to check it. I registered my property with booking.com. They continue to book my place while it is fully booked and they charge me.

This is not my fault, they must see that the place is fully booked. If i close the dates it means the property will be utilsed by Airbnb that day.