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Unpaid guests

Three bookings in three days all had extra guests not included in the booking.

This is appearing more. It is dishonest.

Not all bookings but the problem exists within the industry,

Bookings comes in with 2 adults only, they arrive and yes there is the son about 9 yrs old....Oh really do I have to pay for him too? yes you do. It is a two bedroom apartment and it can be booked for 2 adults and one child, you will need to pay for the child to stay as well thank you. They immediately walk away and rinf ring they have to pay for children ....Answer YES please. it is clearly stated in the system that everyone has to be paid for.....We will let them know.....they walk over and pay. There is a problem here

1. guests did not believe we were telling them something correct and asking them to be honest. Their booking stated just 2 adults NO children.

2. Guests tried to avoid paying by contacting 

3. were trying to suggest children were free until I made them read the property information to show them it was 100% correct that children must be paid for.

Beware of these tricks.

This happened again one day later. but this time the mother jumped in the car a left saying she didn't have to pay for the third adult child.

The next one was a direct booking... they phoned to make the booking for 4 adults. They arrived and there were actually 3 adults and 2 children. I had quoted for 4 people I added on one more.This mother also thought it okay that the 7 yr could stay for free.

Where do people get these weird ideas that we are a charity, drop in centre for homeless people? Where they might stay for free or for a huge discount?






BrookAve 3 years ago

If its listed like you say then yes no excuse


But I noticed you said it's a 2 bed apartment,  so I dont agree to pay by occupancy on a whole unit, I never have. 


To me that's just wrong. One should just rent it whole per night and nothing else.


It also keeps it very simple for you too, way less stressful